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I have just learned that a little girl who is close to my heart has terminal cancer.  She’s eight years old and dreams of being a ballet dancer one day.  Sadly she will never fulfill that dream.  Nor too, will many other children who are being struck down with terminal illness.

We are fast becoming a nation of people who accept disease as being part of modern-day living.  But is it?  Surely we must have clues as to where we are going wrong, as to what we are doing or not doing. 

Type 1 diabetes

In one of our local schools there are no fewer than ten children with type 1 diabetes, two in the same family!  Alarmingly that is one in fifty students!   Quite a few of them have insulin pumps that register how many portions of food they can eat. And determined by their reading, each brings out, on a daily basis, some junk food to eat – perhaps a packet of chips, a fruit strap, a muesli bar, or some rice crackers.  Each has a portion count on it, clearly labeled by a caring, well-intentioned parent.

Another friend’s grandson is also type 1 diabetic.  According to her he comes home from school and may eat a whole packet of sweet biscuits, or make a cake from a packet mixture and devour all of it before dinner.  His insulin injections, I am told, take care of the highly-processed, high-GI food!

I am confused!  Surely a health crisis, a life-threatening one at that, is a cry to eat healthily, to change your ways!

Medical thoughts

You have to wonder what is inside their specialist’s head, or the diabetic fraternity’s for that matter, to even endorse this kind of eating.  How can highly-processed, artificially flavoured, high-fructose or salt-laden, MSG injected convenience food, be recognised as suitable for children with serious illnesses?   In my opinion, these children are on a direct path to disastrous health outcomes!

Diabetic quote

 This is a quote that comes from the American diabetic society. 

Diabetes is a chronic condition for which there is no cure”.

signs for diabetes in childrenNow isn’t that interesting, given all that Dr. Robert Young asserts in his book, ‘The pH Miracle for Diabetes’.   He believes that diabetes is an entirely reversible condition.  In his book he states that diabetes is a reflection of the health of the small bowel, and that clearing the bowel, removing the inflammation,  will take stress from the pancreas which provides insulin and soda bicarbonate to alkalize the food going into the stomach. 

He talks about a young patient of his, Gabriel Roman, who came to him looking like a typical type1 diabetic.  He was tired and underweight, and despite having been told by his physician that his condition was for life, he refused to accept the sentence.

Dr. Young explained to him that in fact his diabetes was reversible if he were prepared to give up soft drinks, dairy products, fruit juice and animal protein and endorse a challenging new diet.  Despite the enormity of this challenge, Roman agreed, knowing full well that eating differently from his peers would not only be socially isolating, but challenging on a daily basis!


Dr. Young compared his fermenting red blood cells to that of a ripening banana that grows sweeter in the process.  He explained that Roman’s red blood cells were becoming sweeter and that it was that sweetness which was stressing his pancreas.

Roman embraced the challenge of his regime, supported along the way by his family who also took up the challenge.  Today that same boy is free of type1 diabetes, a disease for which there is ‘no cure’!

I believe it would be true to say that today there is a pandemic of diabetes, both type one and two.  Cancer in children is also on the increase.  Well, let’s be honest.  Cancer is rife!  Is it a coincidence then that this is occurring at a time in history when consumption of mineral-deficient junk food is on the rise?

 Our developed world

In the so-called, developed world, food production has become industrialized, and so many families have fallen into the trap of pizza nights for dinner, or microwavable processed-food dinners.  Convenience is what it’s all about in a world where both parents work and people are generally time poor.

Children’s lunches are no better.  Convenience-wrapped, processed beyond recognition, and containing inordinate amounts of salt, sugars and stabilizers, these have become a way of eating for so many of our younger generation.  For that, dare I say, we will surely pay a very large price! 

Social justice

This is a social justice issue, one that society cannot shy away from.  If we beat our children and we get caught, the police are called.  If we neglect keeping them clean, authorities will step in and remove them from our care.  But right now the food giants can seduce parents into feeding their children into the grave without as much as a whimper of response from society.  Surely we can and must, do better!

beginner raw food recipesAre you ready for a challenge? Do you, or does someone you know, have, or are presdisposed to, diabetes?  Check out Raw For Thirty – inspiring information that will convince you that diabetes can be reversed. You won’t be disappointed.




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